The Sport Injury Protection Plan was developed as a result of there being no adequate Injury Protection for Rugby players available and Clubs always had to supplement payment for injuries.

The Durban Rugby Sub-Union decided to investigate the availability of such a plan and eventually approached a product developer to create an unique Sport Injury Protection Plan that will cover all injuries.

This Protection plan is now available for all age groups (up to age 54 upon application) and all sporting codes and is endorsed by both the South African Rugby Union and the KZN Rugby Union.

In order to make the product affordable, a minimum 3000 members are required to join for a premium of R95 per month for a 12 month duration. It is therefore imperative for us to reach this figure as soon as possible.

Product Developer:
Benefit Product Developers (Pty) Ltd
Product & Claims Administrator:
Coverall Insurance (Pty) Ltd
Regent Insurance
Re- Insurer:
N / A


Why this Product?

  • Injuries are taking place. Growing concerns from families concerning injuries. Players are valuable assets to Unions/clubs/schools etc
  • Peace of mind for all concerned.

Basic Benefits

  • Up to R100 000 contribution to medical costs per event/incident - 24/7 - whether doing sport or not
  • R 5 000 Hospital admission guaranteed
  • R 250 000 permanent disability once off
  • No excess payable
  • Access to any private hospital
  • The above, irrespective of any other medical insurance, and no influence on any other medical insurance / cover

Specific Injuries

  • XRAYS MRI Scans, or whatever investigation is required, on shoulders Ankles, knees, legs and feet, arms and hands, Cervical spine, chest
  • Physiotherapist initial and follow ups Biokenetics initial and follow ups
  • CASUALTY FEES PRIVATE FEES with no treatment or with treatment

Loyalty card membership:
Many Discounts at various Service Providers Too many to list.

Limit of Indemnity

  • Incident can take place anywhere in South Africa
  • Incident can be sport related or any other accident
  • Insured must be affiliated to a sporting body
  • Require ID number, name , surname, address, tell no, bank account details.


Critical Mass

  • 3 000 members


  • R95 per month per client

Pre-Claim Documentation / Requirements

  • Require ID number, name , surname, address, tell no, bank account details.
  • Policy number/reference
  • Phone  for emergency treatment/evacuation
  • Medical documentation from doctor or hospital to be provided for claims submission

Claim Contact Procedure

  • Tel 1 refer to “Day 1 SA Sport Injury Protection Plan”
  • Relate claim details
  • All hospital admissions have to be pre-authorized by calling emergency number

Claim Processing Procedure

  • Claim paid into client’s bank account within 30 days of receiving Pre-claim documentation

Schalk Liebenberg:


Albert Hanekom (KZNRU)

Any person who wishes to join the SA Sport Protection Plan can complete the application form below and return by fax to Mr Schalk Liebenberg on

Cover will commence once a figure of 100 members is reached.

Download the Form HERE