Name Change for Lammergeyer Rugby Sub-Union

At the Annual General Meeting of the Lammergeyer Rugby Sub-Union, held on 7 November 2011, it was decided that the Sub-Union will now be called and known as Northern KwaZulu-Natal Rugby Sub-Union.

Rugby has been played in the Northern KwaZulu-Natal geographical area (Volksrust, Utrecht, Vryheid, Glencoe, Dundee, Newcastle, Dannhauser, Ladysmith, Colenso Winterton, Bergville and Weenen) since April 1881.

Traditionally Northern Natal Rugby players were included in the provincial rugby teams of the Natal Rugby Union. The Northern Districts Sub Union team and the Natal Country Districts team of the Natal Rugby Union provided players from the Northern Natal area with provincial rugby opportunities until 1973.

During 1973 and 1974 the Northern Natal Rugby team played a number of friendly fixtures as part of a trial period for possible independence for the Northern Districts Sub Union of the Natal Rugby Union.

In November 2001 the Northern Natal Sub-Union changed its name to the Lammergeyer Rugby Sub-Union. The reason for this change, at that time, was to bring the name in line with the general trend in the naming of the rugby unions and secondly for convenience sake.

Since 2001, many changes has taken place in the rugby fraternity. Clubs in the region as well as our Provincial side, are dependent on sponsorships and sponsors were not familiar with the name Lammergeyer Rugby Sub-Union.

The amateur team of the region was known as the KZN Rural Team. The KwaZulu-Natal Rugby Union approved that the name be changed to KwaZulu-Natal Platteland. The sub-union Provincial team, previously known as the Lammergeyer team, will now be known as the Northern KwaZulu-Natal team.

The headquarters of the sub-union will remain Arbor Park Rugby Ground in Newcastle.

The colours and badge of the team will remain the same. The Lammergeyer badge will remain the official badge of the Northern KwaZulu-Natal Sub-Union.

The symbols of the Northern KwaZulu-Natal badge are:


  • The bird on the badge is the Lammergeyer
  • The habitat of this bird is the Drakensberg and especially in the higher portion of these mountains in our region.
  • Because it can only be found in these regions (higher mountains) of Northern Natal it was selected as the main emblem on the badge.
  • It is a very rare bird, which makes its nest in the very high and unreachable cliffs of the Drakensberg.
  • Its other name in English is the Bearded Vulture.


  • The basin and water symbolises the Tugela basin, which is our region.


  • The green portion symbolises the green mountains in our region.