Varsity College Old Boy in Upbeat Mood

For this week's featured Fidelity Security Moor Cup game between Varsity College Old Boys and Collegians on KP at 8pm 10 on Friday evening, Ismail Adam caught up with Old Boys' first team coach Carel Nel, to get his thoughts on the big game and the season ahead.

Ismail Adam (I.A.) Friday evening sees Old Boys up against Collegians in what is billed as a big game. How are you approaching the game?
Carel Nel (C.N.) We are adopting an approach of caution. We are honing in on some of our skills, our strongpoints! When we heard of players dropping down from the Vodacom cup to play for them, it made us become very wary of Friday night, we have since heard that only 2 players are probably going to play. That hasn't changed our approach.

I.A. Durban Collegians had an unexpected loss last weekend. What are you expecting?
C.N.2. They could still be reeling from that defeat (which I am hoping for), but I expect a definite backlash! Im preparing for that.

I.A. With 3 wins out of 4 games, your team have started brightly. How do you see the season going (in terms of log position and main rivals)?
C.N. Our minimum requirement would be to finish in the top 3. Last season we finished third and I believe we can improve on that and try to win the competition, why not? With regards to rivals, rest assured there are no easy games in this league, every game is a hard one!

I.A. What are your strengths - your plan for the season ahead?
C.N.4 I am hoping that youth is going to play a major contribution in our team for the season ahead. We have some young guys coming through so in terms of fitness, we are doing well. I want us to play more running rugby, we want to bring in the flair and entertainment.

I.A. The KZNRU believes this is going to be a tough game to call. What are your views?
C.N.5 It is definitely going to be tough but I have positive expectations for this game.

I.A. How is everything going with the joining of hands between Old Boys and Varsity College?
C.N. Varsity College is our sponsor, and everything is all positive. They have been heavily involved with the U.S.S.A. competition and their hoping to get back into varsity shield. It is a definite step forward for all parties involved.

I.A. Any news on the injury list?
C.N. We have been dealt a major blow with our prop Ken Fourie* out injured. He was involved in a freakish off field accident which has resulted in an injured ankle. This is going to keep him out for approx. 8 weeks. He is playing suberbly and is an automatic first choice on the team sheet when fit. Aside from that, we had a few players who sustained injuries during the pre-season, they are back now. I do have most of my squad available for Friday.

I.A. Your views on the concerted effort being made by the KZNRU to promote club rugby?
C.N. Absolutely fantastic. Having more promotions and getting high profile players coming to the games is a huge lift to the players. I have noticed an increase in spectators and advertising which is fantastic.

Interestingly, Kenneth Fourie played Natal Schools out of Port Shepstone H S way back in 1994 the same year as Bob Skinstad (Hilton) - this makes Kenneth one of the oldest Moor Cup players for sure.

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