Due to the unfortunate demise of the Drakensberg 2nd team, and the depth clause required by KZNRU, they had to withdraw from the 1st division and play in the Midlands 3rd division. This, together with the re-emergence of the Greytown Rugby Club and the promotion of Voortrekker Old Boys created a vibrant buzz in Midlands Rugby. Suddenly, after having just 5 teams contesting the 3rd division, there were now 8.

Drakensberg were expected to cause havoc, but instead, they could only score a 23-13 victory over the tenacious Noodsberg outfit. Another upset was caused by V.O.B's as they whipped the previously unbeaten Richmond by 30 points to 0 on a cold Friday night on the Woodburn number 2 ground.

Another upset, this time in the 4th division, saw Young Lions account for Gestetner Maritzburg Collegians by 40 points to 5 at their Woodlands fortress. Young Lions remain unbeaten there this season.

With the emergence of Development clubs, Howick Eagles and Nagel Dam Rhinos, the 4th division now consists of 8 clubs and together with the Midlands under 20 teams, rugby in the Midlands looks to be recovering from the downward spiral of the past few years.

Donavan Plaatjies - Fixtures.


The 3rd division was won by Richmond, with Noodsberg ( who had a good season) in second place. Noodsberg kept the league in the balance before succumbing at their misty fortress to the forward power of Richmond. These teams were by far the better teams in the third division as seen by the log points gained - 39 and 30. The next team, Cedara could only garner 19 points. The wooden spoon was fought for by M.Varsity and Obhejane, with the latter claiming it by losing their final game - a double header - to Varsity. This win allowed Varsity to record their only win of the season. A total of 978 points and 141 tries were scored in the 3rd division league.

Gestetner M. Collegians started the season off with a win over Voortrekker Old Boys but then withdrew from the league. This left V.O.B. with a runaway win in the 4th division. The wooden spoon here went to D.U.T. who did not win a single game of the 3 that they contested and only scored 5 points for the season ( 1try).

Points scored this year in the 4th division totalled 622 with Voortrekker Old Boys accounting for 326 of those. Having won the 4th division convincingly, they should move up to the 3rd Division.

The York and Lancaster K.O. Cup was won by S.M.G. Maritzburg Varsity who beat Waratahs in the final. Waratahs proved worthy opponents for the Premier league side and only succumbed late in the game. S.M.G. Maritzburg Varsity 2nd team won the S. D. Pather trophy by beating Waratahs 2nds. Richmond showed their total supremacy by beating Noodsberg for the 3rd time in winning the Hilton Cup, and Gestetner M.Collegians won the Boet Wessels trophy by beating Voortrekker Old Boys in the final.

Although insisting that there should be NO postponements (at a clubs meeting), the clubs continued to postpone and change games. Together with the power outages and the non fulfilment of games, the situation was aggravated. Being here to promote rugby, fixtures were shuffled and moved which led, inevitably, to some confusion. More walk-over's were conceded this year than any other year, and 1 game was not played because no medics were in attendance.

The timing of grants payable to clubs may need to be considered, as some teams cannot fulfil fixtures due to insufficient funds for transport.

To the clubs who have improved - well done! To those who have not - take a look to see where you can.

Donavan Plaatjies - Fixtures.


Richmond won the 3rd division by 'a mile' once again, and with the exception of Obhejane, who only won 1 game, the fixtures this year were well contested. There were, however allegations of 'loading' of teams. There were many requests for postponements, this after a preliminary fixture list going out to clubs for perusal and confirmation. These requests have, however, declined from last year.

Due to these postponements, some games were billed as double headers to try to catch up with those requested postponements.

However, we could not catch up with all the fixtures, and some did not take place. This was partly due to the knockout competitions having to take place and the Marauders squads for the Ebbo Bastard trophy being selected and in training. Fortunately, this did not affect the outcome of the league winners as, in both divisions, they were far ahead.

We tried to play as long into the season as possible so as to keep clubs and players- who were to play in late season games- 'on the boil'. This may have been the reason for us winning the open section of the Ebbo Bastard trophy, and just failing to win the under 21 section.

Hopefully, the teams can show the same enthusiasm toward the end of the season as they do at the beginning, and complete the fixtures.

Results show that Gestetner Collegians were unbeaten in the 4th division, were a cut way above the rest of the teams, and should consider moving up to the third division.

As stated, although the number of requests for postponements have declined, it is sincerely hoped that the fixture list will be adhered to (after the perusal and confirmation of such has taken place).

Well done to all clubs who have improved on previous performances and to those who did not, remember, success comes to those who persevere.

Donavan Plaatjies - Fixtures.