Fidelity Security Moor Cup Days

The Premier Division Clubs were given an opportunity to again host a Fidelity Security Moor Cup match day with the aim being to especially promote that particular Club Rugby game and encourage the host Club to create a 'Club Supporters Day' by inviting ex players, family, sponsors and other supporters to this special event.

For 2013 it was decided to host only 4 such matches. Herewith dates and matches of the Fidelity Security Moor Cup Days:

  • Saturday 11 May PMB Collegians vs Durban Collegians at Woodburn
  • Friday 24 May Zululand Rhinos vs PMB Collegians at Mick Kelly Park
  • Friday 28 June Harlequins vs Durban Collegians at Harlequins
  • Saturday 27 July College Rovers vs Durban Collegians at KP3

Fans, players and family are encouraged to please support these days when possible.