Cell C Community Cup Easter Playoff excitement builds

The excitement has begun to build in George for the second edition of the Cell C Community Cup Easter Playoffs, which begins on April 17, with the South African Rugby Union (SARU) and tournament hosts, South Western Districts (SWD), ready for the club rugby showdown.

The final local organising committee meeting was hosted in George on Tuesday, and SWD CEO Johan Prinsloo was satisfied that everything was in place to deliver a top-class event.

The playoffs, which feature South Africa’s eight top non-university clubs, will be hosted at Outeniqua Park from April 17 to 21, and the winners will walk away with the historic Gold Cup.

The eight teams participating in the Cell C Community Cup Easter Playoffs were confirmed this past weekend in the final round of pool fixtures.

The tournament will feature Roses United, Rustenburg Impala, Jonsson College Rovers, Kempston Old Selbornians, Hamiltons, Refreshhh! Centurion, defending champions Gap Management Despatch and Roodepoort. Four of the teams, Roses United, Hamiltons, Refreshhh! Centurion and Kempston Old Selbornians will make their first appearance in the Easter playoffs.

“We have watched 20 teams battle it out for places in the Cell C Community Cup Easter Playoffs for several weeks, and judging by the tough competition, the tournament in George should be thrilling,” said SARU CEO Jurie Roux. “It’s good to see a few new teams come through, as it shows that the quality of rugby at club level is improving. It also serves as evidence that this competition is exactly what we needed to revive club rugby. The Easter playoffs have provided a fantastic platform for the teams to showcase their talent to a wider rugby audience and it is clear that they are serious about excelling.

“We are looking forward to the tournament, and I wish all eight teams who will be participating in the Cell C Community Cup Easter Playoffs well.”

Prinsloo shared Roux’s excitement as they prepare to host the tournament for the second consecutive year and said: “SWD Rugby is proud to host the finals of the top eight rugby clubs in South Africa over the Easter Weekend in George. We are looking forward to welcoming everyone associated with the Cell C Community Cup to our beautiful city including all dignitaries, sponsors and fans.

“Our aim is to grow the event with SARU as a showcase for the success of rugby development in our country, and we will once again do everything in our power to make sure the tournament grows from strength to strength.”

Tickets for the Cell C Community Cup Easter Playoffs will be available from Tuesday, April 15, at the SWD Rugby Union’s ticket office and will cost R30 for main stand tickets, R20 for open stand tickets, while children will pay only R10.

Cell C Community Cup Easter Playoff schedule (all matches live on SuperSport):

Day 1 – Thursday, 17 April (kick-off times 11h15, 13h30, 15h45, 18h00; order of matches TBC):
Cup QF1 – Roses United (Winner Pool C) vs Rustenburg Impala (Runner-up Pool D)
Cup QF2 – Jonsson College Rovers (Winner Pool B) vs Kempston Old Selbornians (Runner-up Pool A)
Cup QF3 – Hamiltons (Winner Pool D) vs Refreshhh! Centurion (Runner-up Pool C)
Cup QF4 – Gap Management Despatch (Winner Pool A) vs Roodepoort (Runner-up Pool B)

Day 2 – Saturday, 19 April (kick-off times 12h30, 14h45, 17h00, 19h15; order of matches TBC):
Loser QF1 vs Loser QF2
Loser QF3 vs Loser QF4
Winner QF1 vs Winner QF2
Winner QF3 vs Winner QF4

Day 3 – Monday, 21 April – kick-off times & match order confirmed:
09h15 –7th/8th Place Play-off
11h30 –5h/6th Place Play-off
13h45 –3rd/4th Place Play-off
16h00 –Cup Final

Issued by SARU Corporate Affairs