Fidelity Security Services To Sponsor The Moor Cup 2011

The launch of The Moor Cup took place on Thursday 7 April at Mr Price KINGS PARK, with Fidelity Security Services becoming the 2011 main sponsor of the league with a sponsorship of R1.2 million. The money will go towards the sponsorship of the Jaguars Rugby Club, prize money, but most importantly, boost club rugby in KwaZulu-Natal.

The league will kick off on 16 April and all Natal rugby clubs will participate.

KwaZulu-Natal Rugby Union President Peter Hassard welcomed those attending, from Club Chairmen and Captains to Union Officials

"It's a great honour to welcome you all here and to thank our new sponsors of Club Rugby in KZN. Club Rugby without sponsorship is a dying sport, so it is so important to have this wonderful sponsorship from the Fidelity Group. I am grateful and say thank you to all involved in putting this deal together.

"It's great to have an ex-Natal rugby player sponsoring Club Rugby in KZN, thanks to Wahl Bartmann. It's an honour and we appreciate it greatly.

"Thanks to the Fidelity group for also sponsoring the Jaguars Rugby Club. This is a stout effort indeed. I'd like to also mention and thank SuperSport who came to the party with R500 000 worth of free advertising for Fidelity which is a wonderful gesture from our partner."

Mr Malcolm Stephens - Sales Executive for Fidelity - gave some insights into the Fidelity brand which is over half a century old and where Fidelity fits in with Club Rugby. "The client is the focus of our activities," he explained. "The Moor Cup and Club Rugby in KZN has become a client of ours and believe me, they will be the focus of our activities over the next 12 months.

"All four of the Bartmann brothers played Club Rugby for the same side in Johannesburg, three of them played provincial rugby, one for the SA Gazelles and Wahl went on to represent the Springboks. We are a rugby-cultured business, Wahl played for Harlequins and Crusaders during his time with Natal in the 1990s. We understand the game and what it takes and we look forward to seeing the clubs wearing our brand on their jerseys with pride and ensuring that the reputation of the game and our business is upheld."

Group CEO, Wahl Bartmann, a former Sharks captain and Springbok rugby player concluded by saying, "I'd like to thank everyone for being here. To the officials, ex-players, current players, and to the Fidelity staff, a special word of thanks. We are thrilled to be involved in club rugby which is a critical area of the game. There are only a few privileged people who get to the top, but for those who enjoy the game, there is a lot in club rugby.

"It is important to support club rugby to benefit rugby as a whole. For me personally to be involved with club rugby and Natal rugby is a big thing. Club rugby is something special and as a company, we will do our utmost to support club rugby as well as the club we are sponsoring, Jaguars."

The Fidelity brand started in the 1950's and has steadily grown to become the largest South African security provider. Fidelity was voted the Number One corporate solutions security company in South Africa by Top 500 last year. The group CEO, Wahl Bartmann and his dedicated hands-on management team, ensures that the group offers an all-encompassing security solution.